Saturday, 13 October 2018

Google Cloud Next, London 2018

At Hu:toma we're very much all in on Google Cloud, so it was great for the engineering team to be able to head over to Cloud Next this week and find out what's new. I somehow through random chance managed to get an unobstructed view from the second row (first row was reserved for Googlers) for the keynote, which made up for the obscenely early train to attend.

The venue was as meticulously decorated as you'd expect, with an upper floor demonstrating google products and accommodating talks, while the downstairs provided more of a breakout area, more vendors and the keynote room. It was interesting to see a TPU up close, albeit a much older one than is current.

We did compete to see who could pick up the most random swag, but a colleague ran away with it. There was a great demonstration from Thompson Reuters on pulling tick data and doing some simple filtering on it, and walkthroughs of some improvements to Tensorflow that improve the interface and walk it towards the user friendliness of Keras. On the second day I didn't feel like getting the pre-drawn train again so had a slower wander in to enjoy the improved weather.

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