Sunday, 21 April 2013

Different Problem, Same Effect

** Warning: Guitar post **
A couple of years ago I decided I wanted the pickups changed in my Ibanez RG350DX guitar, to save time and money I figured I'd do it myself. Swapping pickups, in general, should be pretty easy. It just requires un-soldering the existing connections, unscrewing the pickup rings, and doing the reverse with the new ones. The first time I tried this, the soldering iron didn't get hot enough, and as I was replacing 2 pickups from a 3 pickup configuration I got stuck. I relented and took that one into a local guitar shop and let them sort it.

Fast-forward to now, I bought a new electric a few months ago, and while really happy with it, thought it could benefit from the same pickup change the Ibanez got because of some subtleties in the high-end. I remembered having to take it into the shop and thought "not this time". When they eventually arrived (and that's another story entirely), I got to work on replacing them. I took some pictures of the existing wiring:

And went out and found a better soldering iron. I got the cover off the back and un-soldered the bridge pickup successfully. Time to get the pickup out from the front with the... oh... that screw on the pickup guard looks different... I don't think I have that size. Foiled again, but at least only temporarily.

Edit: I found a metal nail file that worked excellently as a screwdriver. Mission accomplished:

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